Increasing specialization And the continuous updating of our vehicle fleet, the vanguard of the technologies used for the covering of the load, the board, the multifunctional satellite system, the weighing system, the quality certification, the traceability of our vehicles via the Internet, the progressive formation of our drivers and related equipment; combined with the forty-year experience in the sector, enable us to propose the Vaccari Group as qualified partner for All Private and public enterprises that seek a leader in this sector.

The vehicles are monitored 24 hours out of 24 and the driving crew is prepared to perform their duties in complete safety for people and things.

With our vehicles we aare present in all of Italy’s regions



25 Commercial Trucks


flip-open semitrailers with a cubature from 26 to 56 m3, watertight


Flatbed semi-trailers tippers and opened


Real-time communications between Vaccari and the customer.

The entire fleet is equipped with a satellite system of the latest generation with a voice system, data and navigation that allows constant communication between the office and the driver.

Thanks to instantaneous vehicle location, our logistics managers are able to communicate to customers the exact time of the discharge of material at the target sites. The satellite also allows the issuance of transport documents directly from the truck.

All trucks are also provided with a weighing system on board that allows to display in real time, directly in the cabin, the net load and gross.


Silos, silos with a capacity of 60m cubic for the transport of bulk products in powdery od granular (sand, carbonate, PVC, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc) with pneumatic drainpipe through compressors with air cooling systems.

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