The vaccari global s.r.l company specializes in the long-range transport with silos, rieching the best level of quality/price present in the market .
Our quality is expressed by:

  • the progressive formation and professionalization of the entire staff
  • the relentless control of the efficiency and effectiveness expressed
  • the continuos qualification of staff and vehicles

The strength of our company, therefore, relies on: the reliability, continuity, security, consistency, timeliness and overall quality of services and rentals offered.

Transport of plastics and powdery and granular materials,

Use of specific trucks equipped with weighing and localization system.

Transport of alimentary flours and zootechnical products with dedicated silos

Use of specific means for the transport of hazardous materials, thanks to the use of special tanks

Transport of materials in ADR

Use of specific means able to contain substances of category ADR.


We have a fleet of our property for a total of 70 vehicles.
Each half is equipped with a multifunctional satellite system that allows the telephone communication and / or written by the logistics office or with the various heads. Thanks to the vehicle location , our logistics managers are able to communicate to customers the time of arrival of the vehicles on the loading and / or unloading .

All vehicles are also equipped with an onboard weighing system that allows you to view real-time , directly into the cabin , the net weight and gross . This system improves the efficiency of our service for the benefit of our Customers and Suppliers .

Our fleet is composed by:

  • 70 Commercial trucks
  • 90 tippers semitrailers silos with pneumatic discharge
  • 4 special semitrailers

Silos transport specifications

The activity consists in the transport of powdery and granular materials, plastic and in the transport of food and livestock products flour with dedicated silos.

Bulk materials industry is operating in the transport of:

  • plastics
  • pvc
  • plaster
  • sand
  • quartz
  • allumina
  • sawdust
  • coal
  • ash
  • sulphate
  • chloride
  • carbonate
  • phosphate
  • minium
  • kaolin
  • feldspar
  • marble powder
  • titanium dioxide
  • nepheline
  • cement

Digital weighing system

TPMS Digital Automatic system for detecting tire inflation


We believe that technological innovation and the continuous search for solutions which can minimize the risk of problems is a priority in order to give our service a greater efficiency and precision.


Real-time communications between Vaccari and the customer.

The entire fleet is equipped with a satellite system of the latest generation with a voice system, data and navigation that allows constant communication between the office and the driver.

Thanks to instantaneous vehicle location, our logistics managers are able to communicate to customers the exact time of the discharge of material at the target sites. The satellite also allows the issuance of transport documents directly from the truck.

All trucks are also provided with a weighing system on board that allows to display in real time, directly in the cabin, the net load and gross.